Leader of the Blockchain Industry WelcomeDecent Inc.

Welcome Decent aims to become an engine of new technology with various performances
by creating innovation through the cultivation of talented people and discovering
innovative start-ups to expand the potential of the 4th industrial block chain.
Welcome Decent presents the accurate direction of the block chain industry through its own
block chain research institute and its block chain academy.


WelcomeDecent Academy

Fourth Industrial Revolution Opening Up Your Possibilities.
Provides customized courses for future creators being changed by the block chain industry.

  • An experienced team
    of practical instructors

    Experts teach know-how based on rapidly changing task characteristics.

  • Block Chain Curriculum

    Education programs that are relevant to the working-level using data

  • Block Chain and Business

    Present a new market with the direction and technology of the blockchain that a Corporation intends to pursue

  • Switch Block Chain Expert

    The transition from simple program developers to blockchain specialists and provide specialized training courses.


Blockchain Support Project

  • Invest in Corporations with potential

    Discover growth potential startups and support initial funding

  • Human Resource Development by Block Chain

    Discover a talent and the Human resource training
    through the Block Chain Competition

  • Marketing & Viral

    Suggest progress and effective marketing of the block chain ICO


    Build optimal solutions for successful events

block chain

Blockchain Research Lab

We want to provide the correct orientation of the block chain
and provide correct information through an ICO analysis and verification.

Also, our purpose is to become HUB of the block-chain investors,
communities and developers with the aim of incubation and
nurturing human resources through systematic analysis know-how in
preparation for new markets.


  • China's flagship Blockchain Industrial Innovation Ecological base

  • China's First Digital High Technology Company

  • Platform for Sustainable Dapp Ecosystem

  • Block Chain All-in-One Influence Marketing Platform

  • Block Chain Online Lottery System

  • Smart Block chain Platform


  • Blockchain based SNS platform

  • Blockchain GameDevelopment engine

  • Secure digital transactions through
    block-chain technology N chain

  • Block Chain Based Pet Life Management
    Compensation Platform allpet


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